The Punked Pups Posse is a collection of 55 breeds uniquely generated from 250+ beautiful traits.
9555 completely unique Punked Pups will be available for minting.
Each Punked Pup is an ERC-721 token. The Image will be on the IPFS which ensures the Pup will stand the test of time.
To see how you can get whitelisted, see ⚪┃#whitelist-rules
The Punked Pups will officially reveal 72 hours after the public mint closes. We do this to prevent bots from checking the metadata and sniping rarer mints.
Punked Pups is a community-oriented project where members vote on future development, including raffle prizes. Giving back to the posse! We will bring some awesome giveaways & utility that never happened before in this space, mixing both metaverse & real-world. For more details, please check 📍|roadmap.
Royalties will be set at 2.5%. Half will be reinvested back into the project.
Punked Pups are made up of 200+ total traits. The traits of PunkedPups are randomized upon minting, creating truly unique Pups.
- You have full rights to your Punked Pups NFT and may do whatever you wish with it.
You can find it on our website at: https://www.punkedpups.com/roadmap.html

It’s also in discord at: https://discord.gg/punkedpups
Go to the #invite-checker and type -invites. For invites to count, the people invited must be verified and must not have left the server.
The best way to promote the project is by inviting people to the Discord channel. If you don't know how to invite people, check the ✉how-to-invite channel. If you are an influencer and would like to work with us, submit a ticket in the #support channel.
Gas fees are processing fees that occur when purchasing NFTs with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. This is very much like the processing fees credit cards may charge for transferring money to various accounts or for paying bills. Gas fees increase or decrease based on how many transactions are done at certain times. If there are a lot of ETH transactions done at the same time, you will notice an increase in the gas fees. Likewise, when there aren't a lot of transactions occurring, then the gas fees will go down. We recommend depositing at least an additional $200 in ETH to cover potential gas fees.
Take a look at our #roadmap. We’ve already begun working on many things on our roadmap. Our team is full of experienced operators, devs, designers, and marketers. This is only the beginning for us. We’re committed to this project for the long-term and we already have more awesome NFTs in the works that are going to blow your mind.