Punked Pups RoadMap V1

Q1 2022

New Website

The new Pumped Pups website will launch showing off the 55 breeds and explaining the utility of the NFT and token.

$Bones Launch

The Prime Pups will begin earning yield for their holders and also provide other utility.

Accelerator Launch

A special doggy treat that will transform your pup into a full-grown dog

Dog House Airdrop

A free airdrop (gas fee only) for Punked Pup holders to get their pup a cozy dog house

Voting Begins

Holders will be able to vote on proposals for the DAO

Punked Pup Parade

A special airdrop for Punked Pup holders. Think media. Think animation

Prime Pups Activated

The Prime Pups will be released and prepped in a new smart contract.

Pup Rescue

We'll spend $20,000 to help people adopt pups at shelters around the world

Breeding Launch

You'll be able to breed two full grown dogs to produce another pup


We'll launch the Punked Pup DAO where a percentage of the trade proceeds will go into a community-run DAO


Display your love for Punked Pups with a full line of merchandise for our pup lovers

Punked Pups Accelerator Overview

Stage 1

Your Punked Pup is ready to become a grown dog

Stage 2

You'll have a chance to drink the Pup Potion

Stage 3

Your full grown dog has been created

Punked Pups Breeding Overview

Step 1

Select two Adult Punked Pups from your wallet

Step 2

Drink the Love Potion

Step 3

You'll produce one new Punked Pup with traits from the two parent dogs