Punked Pups Posse Whitepaper

Learn the game mechanics so you can earn your $BONES

Punked Pups
Collect $BONES and stay safe in the dog house
Mafia Cats
Extort Pups for their $BONES
Dog Catches
Steal newly-minted pups and recruit cats to help you
$BONES are the only way to mint new pups and breed. It's the currency of the Pupverse

In the dog houses across the Pupverse, the Punked Pups are happily grinding on their precious $BONES. They stay cozy in their dog houses collecting their $BONES. With the $BONES that the dogs collect, they can get more pups in their dog houses and get even more $BONES. They'll be a happy pup family.

However, sometimes the pups want to enjoy life outside of the dog house. The problem is that there are dangerous Mafia Cats trying to steal their $BONES and Dog Catchers that try to capture them. These are always on the hunt for pups. The Mafia Cats are always trying to steal all of the Punked Pups’ $BONES.

As long as the Pups stay in the dog house, they are safe! However, when new pups are born, they are vulnerable until they get safe in the dog house.

Punked Pups Posse is both an NFT collection + risk protocol for NFTs. Your NFT can steal other NFTs (ERC-721 tokens) for you. The higher the score your NFT has, the more tokens you'll accumulate probabilistically. It’s an awesome game that’s ready to play + with an ambitious roadmap. Get ready for the PupVerse!


Minting costs follow the bonding curve:

GEN 0 (First 10,000) 0.025 ETH 90% Punked Pups
7.5% Mafia Cats
2.5% Dog Catchers
GEN 1 (10,001 to 20,000) 20,000 $BONES 90% Punked Pups
7.5% Mafia Cats
2.5% Dog Catchers
GEN 1 (20,001 to 30,000 ) 40,000 $BONES

Punked Pups

There's a 90% chance of minting a Punked Pups, all with unique traits that carry into all later phases.

Actions available for Punked Pups:

Stake Punked Pups in the Dog House accumulate $BONES, daily.
Unstake Punked Pups escaping the Dog House receive their accumulated $BONES. This can only be done after a Punked Pups has accumulated 2 days worth of $BONES to ensure their future survival.

Risk: There's a 50% chance of all accumulated $BONES being stolen by Mafia Cats or Dog Catchers. If stolen, 30% of the $BONES is distributed to Dog Catchers and 70% is distributed to Mafia Cats.
Claim $BONES Receive all accumulated $BONES picked by the Punked Pups.

Risk:Mafia Cats steal a guaranteed 20% tax on picked $BONES in return for not attacking the dog house. Stolen $BONES is split between all the Mafia Cats that are staked.

Mafia Cats

There's a 7.5% chance of minting a Mafia Cats, each with unique traits, featuring a score ranging from 1-4. This is unique trait score where higher traits:

    The higher the portion of $BONES that is stolen from the Punked Pups through taxation.

    The higher chance of stealing a newly minted Punked Pups.

Stake Unstake to earn a proportional share of the 20% tax on all $BONES generated by Punked Pups in the Dog House.

Staked Mafia Cats take a 70% cut of rewards stolen from Punked Pups escaping the Dog House.

Provides the possibility to steal newborn Mafia Cats and Punked Pups as they're minted.
Unstake Leaving the dog house claims all accumulated $BONES and allows the Mafia Cats to roam freely.

Risk: Beware of Dog Catchers! Once Dog Catcher enter the game, there's a 5% chance of having your Mafia Cats stolen by a Dog Catchers when you unstake.
Claim $BONES Receive accumulated $BONES.

Risk: When Dog Catcher enter the game, they will take a 10% tax of your $BONES.

Dog Catchers

Dog Catchers are the most rare character in Phase 1 of the game (2.5% chance of minting). Each features unique traits with their own score. All Dog Catchers generate $BONES based on collected tax and their alpha Index, with additional benefits.

Actions a Dog Catchers can take:


Staked Dog Catchers have a 5% chance of stealing a Mafia Cats if it's unstaked.

They also take a 30% cut of rewards stolen from Punked Pups escaping the Dog House, distributed across Dog Catchers proportional to their rank.
Unstake Unstaking claims all accumulated $BONES and allows the Dog Catchers to roam freely.
Claim $BONES Receive accumulated $BONES.